Pep Guardiola - 88 Attacking Combinations and Positional Patterns of Play Direct from Pep's Training Sessions (Vol 1)

Print: COLOUR | Practices & Variations: 88 | Age: U14-Pro | Pages: 148

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This FULL COLOUR book gives you a rare opportunity to use Pep Guardiola's Practices and learn from one of the best coaches in the history of football.

The 88 Attacking Combinations and Attacking Positional Patterns of Play included are taken direct from Pep Guardiola's training sessions at Manchester City, Bayern Munich and FC Barcelona

Find out why Pep Guardiola marks out zones on the training pitch and how he uses them to practice his unique positional patterns of play, maximise space, disorganise the opposition and move the ball into dangerous attacking areas (“Half Spaces”).


Pep Guardiola Practice Topics Included:

  • 60 Attacking Positional Patterns of Play in the 4-3-3 and 3-5-2 Formations
    (50 Manchester City, 3 Bayern Munich & 7 FC Barcelona)
  • 28 Attacking Combination Practices
    (8 Manchester City, 10 Bayern Munich & 10 FC Barcelona)

Practice Examples:

  • Passing Combination and Aerial Pass in Behind for a Third Man Run
  • Fast Combination Play with Lay-off, Overlap Run, Cross and Finish
  • Switching Play for the Wing Back to Receive in Behind with Overlap Run
  • Both Forwards Drop Back to Combine + Attacking Midfielder’s Third Man Run
  • Fast Combination Play + Short Diagonal Aerial Pass in Behind

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Pep Guardiola Attacking Tactics