Goalkeeper Training Program - 120 Drills to Produce Top Class Goalkeepers

A proven program to create better, all round Goalkeepers at every level.

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Football Conditioning: A Modern Scientific Approach - Fitness Training | Speed & Agility | Injury Prevention

The primary aim of this book is to help you make use of the modern coaching methods and football science principles and educate coaches working with players of all ages and levels.

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Football Conditioning: A Modern Scientific Approach - Periodization | Seasonal Training | Small Sided Games

This book will help you increase the efficiency of all your training sessions and ensure that key components of the game (technical, tactical, physical and physiological) are being developed in conjunction with each other.

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Periodization Fitness Training - A Revolutionary Football Conditioning Program

This book contains a complete conditioning program based on Periodization Fitness Training. Periodization is the systematic planning of fitness training. This book helps you solve the problem of organizing the training loads in order to achieve the highes

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