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About us

Welcome to, the new web-site for all football coaches.


Here you will find ideas and proposals that will help you being a more effective coach, whether the game of soccer is your passion or your business.


During my career, I had the opportunity to visit the best Italian and international youth soccer schools and I participated in seminars and symposia. I also joined live training sessions conducted by many world renowned coaches that have enriched my knowledge with the latest methodologies. I finally have, with the many coaches who cooperates with my Italian company, decided to launch this innovative site and fill it with high quality material.


The main aim is to make available, both for coaches and players, free exercises, training plans, videos, insights, tactics and useful tips elaborated during several years of activity.


All technical and tactical proposals have a high level of quality. These contents are the best tools for those coaches who want to reach their goals using effective drills and always be updated about the newest training methodologies.


Rules, space, objectives and number of players involved in each exercise, are chosen to optimize the impact of the drill itself and also to prepare players for a specific phase of the actual game. The biggest challenge in modern soccer is to create proposals that provide concepts immediately transferable from the training session to a match.


This is why we prepare exercises that pursue technical-tactical objectives and set specific physical and mental requirements as it happens in official games.


In addition to my proposals, you will find drills developed by other experienced professional coaches, whose innovative ideas contribute to the didactics of the game and to its practical applications.


As I thank you for your attention, I'd like to invite you to take a look at our web-site and try our services. Register and test our proposals effectiveness for free.

Good luck!

Massimo Lucchesi