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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is is the reference website for those who love the game of soccer. We offer professional free exercises, training plans, videos, analysis and articles for soccer coaches at any level.
Our site is divided in a series of sections where the coach can access for free, view our drills and choose the most appropriate ones to prepare his training session. After checking out our material and contributions, coaches may decide to subscribe, acceding to insights and extra services. If not, you can keep on having free access to our free contributions as a registered member, viewing every week the new contents that we upload.

REGISTER FOR FREE and take a look at our exercises that come with videos and graphics. You will find a valid ally to plan your training sessions and enhance your ability to solve complex situations on the soccer field.

How can I view your contributions?

Our free exercises are available as a simple web page and include related graphics or videos that provide a simple and clear description. The extras of the pro version are PDF documents, that our subscribers can view with the most popular softwares such as Acrobat reader.

The portal is accessible from PC, but also via Smartphone or Tablet with appropriate screen sizes.

Are your exercises free?

It is possible to view for free all the contributions of the Free Exercises section. In this section you can find new contributions every week. This way, you can test the quality of our products, print the ones that you like, so that you have your personal training plan always with you.

What is the procedure for acceding to the Pro Version?

In order to benefit from our comprehensive services, you need to subscribe: only subscribers can access to the Pro Version.

Our Pro Version provides extra contents, allows to select your training materials and create your own favorite section, a personal database of the most appropriate articles, analysis and interviews to help you planning your training session. In addition, there is a virtual coach that helps you throughout the whole process to fulfill the objectives you’re seeking.

How long does it take to register? Is it free??

Registering is totally free and quick: we don't ask for money, you only need less than a couple of minutes to fill in the data required for registration (first name and last name, etc). In addition, the registered member must furnish an e-mail address and a password, which will constitute the credentials (keys) to access to the web-site.

Once the registration is completed, how do I access to the contributions of the Free Version and view them?

All it takes, once the free login is completed, is to go back to the section that you are interested and

Once the subscription is completed, how do I access to the contributions of the Pro Version and view them?

To benefit of the Pro Version, you need to subscribe. Once your subscription is completed you will have immediate access to our web-site.

Which are the available methods of payment?

Payment can be made with credit card or Pay Pal. Both operations are conducted on the Pay Pal platform and, aside from communicating the successful completion of the transaction, no details of the financial transaction are disclosed on our server.

Pay Pal is the safer, easy way to pay online. Hundred of thousands of web sites use Pay Pal for e-shopping.

Pay Pal hides your financial details, so you don't have to share them online.

Pay Pal also protects your purchases, and in case there is a problem, you can get your money back. Pay Pal lets you pay with few easy clicks. All you need is your e-mail address for quick, easy payment. You don't have to pay to enjoy the safety, speed and convenience of PayPal.

What characteristics (hardware/software) must have my PC in order to make use of the contributions included in an e-collection?

In order to make use of the contributions offered, one must have a PC with Internet connection and with the free programs Adobe Acrobat Reader and Adobe Flash Player.

The site has been tested utilizing the following browsers: Internet Explorer 8 or higher (cookies and Javascript enabled), Google Chrome 30 or higher, Mozilla Firefox 24 or higher, Safari 5.1 or higher

General characteristics of a PC that can enable the subscriber to consult without problems the contributions available on the website are the following:

    • OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8 or Mac OS X 10.4 or higher
    • Memory: 2 GB or higher
    • CPU: Pentium 4 or higher
    • Resolution: 1024×768 or higher
    • Browser: Internet Explorer 8 or higher (cookies and Javascript enabled), Google Chrome 30 or higher, Mozilla Firefox 24 or higher, Safari 5.1 or higher
    • Internet Connection xDSL 2 Mb or higher
    • Acrobat Reader for PDF documents (download at Adobe)
    • Adobe Flash Player for FLV video (download at Adobe)