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3D drills have been created with the software Tactics Manager since January 2019. (Old software: Pro Training 3D).

Ghost game: Link up play in the attacking third (System 4-3-3)


With this exercise you can work on different scoring combinations in the attacking third.

Ghost game: Attack and retreat


Shadow play to enhance both attacking actions and defensive retreats.

Ghost game: Attacking action + Finishing with passive opposition

Source: Zdeněk Zeman, A. S. Roma

Shadowing designed by Zdeněk Zeman and used during A. S. Roma practice sessions.

Ghost game: Cut off the passing lane!


This exercise focuses on improving the defensive opposition to opponents' system of play and it is also helpful to train counter-attacks.

Ghost game: Finalization + negative transition

Source: Extracted from Fiorentina training session

This drill combines an offensive action without opponents (10 vs. 1) with the simulation of a negative transition.

Ghost Game: Possession + shot on goal


This drill is divided in 2 parts: a 5 vs. 3 inside a squared grid and a simulated action (cross + shot on goal) against just 1 opponent.

Ghost Game: 5v3 + attacking action


Exercise that combines a possession drill with an attacking action.

Ghost game: Finishing


This drill enhances shooting, passing and receiving.

Ghost Game: Defensive action without opposition + recover


Coaching points: defensive positioning, ball recover in case of numerical inferiority and maintaining possession of the ball in reduced spaces.

Ghost Game: Possession and finishing


This exercise enhances team’s ability to move from the maintenance of possession to the attacking action.