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3D drills have been created with the software Tactics Manager since January 2019. (Old software: Pro Training 3D).

Tactical match: Reach the end zone and finalize

Source: Extracted from Fiorentina training session

Match (11v11) with an additional rule to facilitate finalization against only 2 defenders.

Combined action: Diagonal passing sequence

Source: Extracted from Fiorentina training session

The purpose of this drill is to develop an offensive action through a series of diagonal passes and support/rebound passes.

Ghost game: Finalization + negative transition

Source: Extracted from Fiorentina training session

This drill combines an offensive action without opponents (10 vs. 1) with the simulation of a negative transition.

Tactical Sequence: Backwards and Forwards


Drill designed to enhance passing technics while reproducing specific combinations of the finalization process.

Rondo: 3 Teams Rondo

Source: Based on Barcelona training by Pep Guardiola

This exercise is based on Barcelona's training and it has been selected after analyzing one of the pre-season sessions held in 2011 by Pep Guardiola.