Coaching the Juventus 3-5-2 Tactical Analysis and Sessions: Attacking

Athanasios Terzis

Print: COLOUR | Topics: 51 | Practices: 54 | Age: U14-Pro | Pages: 232

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This book in FULL COLOUR contains a full and extensive analysis of the most successful team using the 3-5-2 formation in modern football. This tactical blueprint is explained clearly with supporting diagrams, notes and detailed descriptions.

Juventus have won 4 consecutive Serie A league titles (2012-2015) which included an incredible 49 game unbeaten run. They scored 291 goals (1.91 per match) with a total win percentage of 72%. During this time they also won the Coppa Italia and reached the Champions League final in 2014.



Juventus are a very successful attacking team that focus on exploiting their numerical advantage at the back, patient build up play, pushing many players into advanced positions and finally creating and exploiting space in behind the defensive line.

There are 51 tactical analysis topics which have been used to produce 21 sessions (64 practices) including:

  • Functional Practices
  • Opposed/Unopposed Zone Play
  • Game Situations
  • Small Sided Games
  • Transition Games
  • Small Sided Games

This will enable you to coach your team to attack like one of the most successful teams in Europe.

Session and Practice Topic SAMPLES:

  • Dropping Back to Create Space, Quick Change of Direction, Receive and Finish
  • Individual Actions of the Forwards to Create Space in a Dynamic Small Sided Game
  • Making a Run On the Blind Side and Finishing in a Functional Practice
  • Creating a Numerical Advantage Near the Sideline in a Zonal Game
  • Receiving Between the Lines and Playing the Final Pass (Unopposed)
  • Exploiting Space Between the Centre Back and Wing Back On the Strong Side (Opposed)
  • Receiving Between the Lines and Quick One-Two Combination in a Dynamic Small Sided Game
  • Creating an Overload to Receive Unmarked in Between the Lines (Unopposed)
  • Quick Combination With a Lay Off Pass, Final Pass in Behind and Finishing (Opposed)
  • Creating and Exploiting Space With Synchronised Movements and 3rd Man Run in a SSG
  • Creating and Exploiting a Numerical Advantage Near the Sideline in a Functional Practice
  • Balanced Positioning of the Attacking Midfielders and Defensive Reactions in a Transition Game

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Coaching Juventus 3-5-2