Coaching Positional Play

Learn to Coach Positional Play with the Spanish Game Model of "Expansive Football", Attacking Tactics & Practices

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Louis van Gaal's Coaching Philosophy and Practices

This book gives you the unique opportunity to learn from the man himself about his coaching philosophy. The included 35 Louis van Gaal practices are from his time with the Netherlands, AZ Alkmaar, Bayern Munich and Manchester United.

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Spain Attacking Sessions - 140 Practices from Goal Analysis of the Spanish National Team

Learn how to coach your team to play like "the best national side in the world" with 140 practices organised into 31 ready-made sessions

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Coaching the Tiki Taka Style of Play

This exceptional book in FULL COLOUR contains a complete coaching resource on the Tiki Taka philosophy, development, training methods, tactical insight and of course practices from FC Barcelona, Ajax, Liverpool and more.

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FC Barcelona Training Sessions

Learn to Coach your Team the 'Barca Way'

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Spanish Academy Soccer Coaching - 120 Practices from the Coaches of Real Madrid, Atlético Madrid & Athletic Bilbao

A Chance for You to Learn and Use the same sessions from the Professional Academy Coaches of Atletico Madrid, Real Madrid and Athletic Bibao 120 Technical and Tactical from Top Spanish Coaches

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Coaching the Coach 2

How to Coach and Progress your Practices, Build Training Sessions Through Functional Drills, Phase of Plays and Small Sided Games

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