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3D drills have been created with the software Tactics Manager since January 2019. (Old software: Pro Training 3D).

Game and contests: From shot on goal to 2 vs 1


From shot on goal to 2 vs 1

Games and contests: The shark


Fun drill to practice basic skills such as passing, receiving and intercepting the ball.

Games and Contests: Beat the barrier!


This game focuses on enhances offensive and defensive technical basics.

Game: Around the world


Specific drill for U5 – U9 to introduce beginning skills of ball handling, passing and space awareness.

Games and Contests: Don't loose your ball!


U5 – U9 soccer drill to practice ball control and defense in a fun way.

Games and Contests: Run for the ball!


Fun game that should be used with younger kids (U5-U10) to introduce ball handling and to teach them how to be fast and reactive.

Games and contests: Keep the ball!


Basic drill to introduce ball handling, dribbling and shielding.

Games and Contests: Don't get hit!


Basic drill that allows kids to practice ball handling in a fun way.

Games and Contests: Oriented receiving and shooting


The main aim of this exercise is to enhance oriented receiving while training basics such as passing and shooting.

Games and contests: Technical circuit and striking


This exercise works on: ball control, directional changes and shooting on goal.