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3D drills have been created with the software Tactics Manager since January 2019. (Old software: Pro Training 3D).

Mini games:Exercise 6 vs 4 with mandatory shot within 4 passes


Exercise 6vs4 with mandatory shot within 4 passes

Minigame: 5 vs 5, with time restriction for finalization


Minigame 5 vs 5, with time restriction for finalization

Mini games: Small sided game: 3 vs 3 plus jolly to attack space


Small sided game to attack space

Mini-game: 3x3 + GK


Training exercise to improve tactical cooperation and 3v3 situations.

Mini-game: Retreat v. Preventive getting free of marking


Training exercise to enhance retreat after loosing ball possession and preventive actions like preventive getting rid of marking and preventive marking.

Mini-game: 2v2 + 2 rebounders


This drill focus on improving defensive abilities (especially marking) in 2v2. It also trains offensive skills (getting rid of marking, receiving, passing and shooting) and transitions.

Mini-game: Defending Unit v. Attacking Unit + finishing


Drill designed to work on the opposition of the defending and the attacking unit.

Mini-game: 5v5 with 4 rebounders (2 for each team)


This drill aims at enhancing directional control and shooting, while working on tactical cooperation.

Mini-game: double in and out


Additional drill that works on a complex, but very useful combination.

Mini-game: Out, in and out again


This drill is designed to enhance tactical cooperation. Specifically, the exercise works on 3 men combinations, focused on developing a lateral attack.