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3D drills have been created with the software Tactics Manager since January 2019. (Old software: Pro Training 3D).

Tactical match: Cross from neutral zone


Match with a specific goal: have 1 player of either team reach a neutral zone and realize the assist from there.

Tactical match: Defensive Solidity


Tactical match with both teams positioned in their usual formation: the drill focuses on enhancing defensive skills in opposition to short crosses.

Tactical match: Attack from the wings


Tactical match that focuses on enhancing lateral cooperation.

Tactical match: Recover and verticalize


This exercise is designed to train different aspects and improves performing maneuvered build-up, counterattacks and transitions in a highly specific way.

Tactical match: Intercepting and Consolidating


This drill is designed to improve performing transitions. The team that intercepts the ball has to consolidate possession of the ball itself before thrusting the attacking move. The team that lost the ball has to press.

Tactical match: Winning the second ball


This exercise works on pressing and intercepting the rebound: fundamental skills, especially when it's complicated to develop an elaborated maneuver.

Tactical match: Attack v. Defense


This drill is designed to enhance the ability of the team in possession to take advantage of its numerical superiority in the midfield area to execute envelopments. Defenders work on intercepting and vertical exits.

Tactical match: Side attack


Soccer game that focuses on using lateral attacks.

Tactical match: Attacking depth


This exercise helps players to improve various aspects of the game, such as: intensity, aggressiveness and ability to attack depth.

Tactical match: Possession v. transition


This exercise trains various tactical aspects: possession under pressure, pressing, positive and negative transitions.