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3D drills have been created with the software Tactics Manager since January 2019. (Old software: Pro Training 3D).

Duel: 1v1 defend the ball for 5 seconds


This exercise is designed to enhance ball defense facing 1v1.

Duel: 1v1 with 4 goals


This exercise trains ball control while moving and directional changes in 1v1 situations.

Duel: 1x1 starting from different positions


This exercise enhances players' hability in 1 x 1 attacking from different positions.

Duel: 1v1 with four colored goals


Whit this drill young players can practice 1v1 in a fun way.

Duel: attack and ball defense, 1 vs 1


In this exercise players practice ball defense while attacking the opposite goal.

Duel: Fast pace attack to the ball carrier


This exercise trains defenders to attack the ball carrier with pressing and to correctly position the body during the phase prior to pressing.

Duel: 1v1 + 2 small goals


This exercise is designed to train receiving, defense and ball shielding in a reduced space.