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3D drills have been created with the software Tactics Manager since January 2019. (Old software: Pro Training 3D).

Duel: Technical sequence + conditioned 1v1


Specific drill to improve passing, receiving, running with the ball, 3 men combinations and 1 Vs. 1.

Duel: Combinations + duel


Specific drill to improve passing, receiving, 3 men combinations and duels.

Duel: One on One!

Source: Pep Guardiola, FC Bayern Munich

1 v. 1 soccer drill from FC Bayern München.

Duel: 1v1 + finishing


Drill to practice 1v1 within a specific game situation.

Duel: 2 grids 5 vs. 5


Specific drill for first teams that focuses on getting rid of marking.

Duel: 1v1 in the central sector


Two phases soccer drill that combines a technical sequence (passes and combination) with a 1 versus 1.

Duel: 4 sectors 2v1


This drills allows to work in 4 different zones at the same time, practicing individual offensive skills (mostly running with the ball) and 2 vs. 1.

Duel: Shoot on goal or recover the ball


This exercise aims at enhancing shooting and negative transitions.

Duel: 1v1 in tight space


Extremely effective drill to enhance technical basics of offensive and defensive phase (getting rid of marking, receiving, passing; marking, anticipation and opposition).

Duel: 1v1 defend the ball for 5 seconds


This exercise is designed to enhance ball defense facing 1v1.