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3D drills have been created with the software Tactics Manager since January 2019. (Old software: Pro Training 3D).

Tactical exercise: 4 versus 4 + 2 jollies with additional rules


Drill to improve defensive opposition against attacks in depth.

Tactical exercise: Defensive movements

Source: A. Conte: drill used during one of Juventus first team's practice sessions.

Exercise used by Antonio Conte to train the Juventus first team: specific drill to enhance defensive movements and marking.

Tactical Sequence: 8 vs. 5

Source: Luis Enrique, A. S. Roma

Luis Enrique's offensive and defensive training: the attacking team enhance its finalization effectiveness while the team that is not in possession of the ball improves its recovering skills.

Tactical exercise: 5 vs. 5 + 2 jollies

Source: Extracted from Roma training (Luis Enrique)

Drill used by Luis Enrique, during Roma first team practice: specific exercise, developed in tight spaces to enhance various tactical contexts at the same time (possession, finalization and transitions).

Tactical exercise: 6v6 + 1 with 3 small goals

Source: Extracted from Roma (Enrique) training session

Luis Enrique's drill, used during one of Roma practice sessions to improve finalization and, during the defensive phase, the ability to effectively recover the ball realizing a positive transition.

Tactical exercise: Steady defense.


Tactical drill helpful to improve positioning and defensive deflections to crosses and lateral attacks.

Tactical exercise: Maneuvered attack and counterattack


Objectives: improving maneuvered attacks, defensive pressing, preventive marking, transitions and counterattacks.

Tactical exercise: Pass it to the GK


This exercise trains directional possession.

Tactical exercise: Training positional attack


This exercise trains elaborated maneuvers and quick counterattacks.