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3D drills have been created with the software Tactics Manager since January 2019. (Old software: Pro Training 3D).

Tactical exercise: 2 zones 6v4

Source: Vincenzo Montella, Fiorentina

Conditioned drill from Fiorentina, by Vincenzo Montella.

Tactical exercise: 3 teams 4v4


4v4 to enhance ball possession, transitions and finishing.

Tactical exercise: Pass beyond opponents

Source: Rafael Benítez, Napoli

Drill used by Rafael Benítez to train Naples.

Tactical exercise: Building up from the back


Drill to enhance build up play, counter-attack, pressing and technical skills such as passing and receiving.

Tactical exercise: 5v5 + 2 neutral players


This drill is helpful to train offensive and defensive basics, but it is also great training for goalkeepers.

Tactical exercise: 6v4


This exercise focuses on maintaining ball possession and finalizing.

Tactical exercise: 4 versus 4 + 2 jollies with additional rules


Drill to improve defensive opposition against attacks in depth.

Tactical exercise: Defensive movements

Source: A. Conte: drill used during one of Juventus first team's practice sessions.

Exercise used by Antonio Conte to train the Juventus first team: specific drill to enhance defensive movements and marking.

Tactical Sequence: 8 vs. 5

Source: Luis Enrique, A. S. Roma

Luis Enrique's offensive and defensive training: the attacking team enhance its finalization effectiveness while the team that is not in possession of the ball improves its recovering skills.

Tactical exercise: 5 vs. 5 + 2 jollies

Source: Extracted from Roma training (Luis Enrique)

Drill used by Luis Enrique, during Roma first team practice: specific exercise, developed in tight spaces to enhance various tactical contexts at the same time (possession, finalization and transitions).