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3D drills have been created with the software Tactics Manager since January 2019. (Old software: Pro Training 3D).

Exercise of maintaining possession: 6vs 4 in four square grids


Exercise for maintaining ball possession in organized tactical formation

Exercise of ball possession: 6 vs 4 after 4 vs 2


Exercise for maintaining ball possession in a determined situation

Tiki-takaing: 6 vs 3


Specific training exercise to improve passing, support play and keeping possession.

Tiki-takaing: 5v3

Source: Luis Enrique, AS Roma

Luis Enrique's possession drill from that focuses on keeping possession in tight spaces.

Tiki-takaing: 4+3 versus 4

Source: Pep Guardiola, Bayern Munich

This simple and effective drill was used by Pep Guardiola with his Bayern Munich to focus on possession in a tight space.

Tiki-Takaing: 7v7 + 7 rebounders

Source: Rafa Benítez, SSC Napoli

Rafa Benítez's drill that focuses on developing individual skills such as passing, receiving, intercepting the ball and pressing.

Tiki-takaing: : Technical sequence + 4v4


Specific drill to improve passing, receiving, 3 men combinations and 4v4.

Tiki-takaing switching: 5v5 + 2 neutral players


Exercise to develop individual skills such as passing, receiving and pressing to enhance collective cooperation during possession of the ball and transitions.

Tiki-takaing: 3v3 + 2 neutral players

Source: Pep Guardiola: drill used during one of Bayern's practice sessions

Possession drill used by Pep Guardiola to train FC Bayern Munich.

Tiki-takaing: 4v4


This exercise focuses on passing, receiving and attacking into depth.